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strategic approach to digital asset lending.

Earn interest on USDC, USDT or BTC.
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Capitalise on opportunities with our dynamic risk management.

Funds are opportunistically deployed to selected prime brokers based on a dynamic risk model, designed to optimise yields across a 30-day timeframe.
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BVNK's Yield service makes lending opportunities across crypto ecosystems accessible to our clients, without direct exposure to the price volatility associated with digital assets.
Investment currencies
Transfer a minimum of $50,000 in USDC, USDT or BTC, directly from your BVNK Business Account.
Yield rate
BVNK's rates are sourced from recognisable counterparties. Rates will be quoted and agreed upon at the time of execution.
We currently offer 30-day and 90-day term structures.
Yield payout
Interest is accrued daily and paid out monthly. All interest is paid in the digital asset that is loaned to BVNK (in-kind).

Ensuring the security of your investment.

The BVNK team evaluates counterparties in terms of security policies, creditworthiness and risk profile. We then allocate to the prime brokers who can offer the best possible return. Prime brokers are chosen with consideration to their location and the types of counterparties that borrow from them. We endeavour to be as transparent as possible, and will provide regular reporting on counterparties and collective exposure.Open an Account

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