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“We are always looking to improve our customer experience. That is why we made the bold move to support digital currency payments using BVNK. We believe blockchain-enabled payments are part of a wider digital transformation of the hotel, hospitality, and travel industries and BVNK is our trusted partner in the space.”

- Gordon Oldham, CEO at Pavilions Group

“We chose BVNK as our partner due to their expertise and product offering. Working with digital currencies is not easy, and it is paramount to select the best partner. BVNK helps us navigate the process and mitigate the risk.”

- Joaquin Lasa, Director at Livitpay
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“BVNK is able to facilitate international payments to the required markets at an affordable rate and in rapid time, with a footprint spanning West, Central, and Southern Africa - the regions most crucial for us. BVNK’s approach to dealing with their client’s needs has been absolutely amazing. They assist in solving real needs and address concerns on the fly.”

- Francois Smuts, Managing Director at Evesis

“BVNK listens to our needs and their team brings years of experience to the table. Using BVNK, we're able to seamlessly send and receive payments around the world, often to jurisdictions with slow or inefficient banking facilities. BVNK understands our business, helps us to improve our productivity and supports our business growth.”

- Carrie-Ann Locke, Executive at Greenburg

"BVNK's payments platform is hugely useful to our day-to-day operations, giving us instant payments along with transparent pricing, smooth onboarding, and reliable reporting. The team's responsiveness has been invaluable for quick communication and support."

- Livvie Kennard, Investor Relations Manager, Concentric Partners

'Compared to other partners, the communication we get from BVNK is faster. We also save on costs, so BVNK is an important partner for us. For some currencies, we only settle with BVNK and if we find a new currency, we come to BVNK first before others.”

- Mugilan Kanaras, Accounts and Payments Executive Operations Settlements, Deriv
Payments built to a higher standard.
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Robust, multilayered AML and transaction monitoring systems prevent illicit activity, while our best-in-class custody keeps your assets safe.
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We focus on compliance so you can focus on your customers. We advocate for clear regulation and continuously engage with policymakers to stay ahead of industry shifts.
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We’ve built a global network, with local expertise and a deep understanding of market complexities, so you can build with confidence.
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As payments continue to evolve, we help you navigate this ever-changing landscape with expert guidance and support, making the technical accessible.


These useful FAQs will help you on your way.

What is BVNK?

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BVNK is a globally regulated payments platform for businesses. We bridge traditional and decentralised finance to make payments borderless, fast, and secure. Using our platform, businesses can send and receive payments anywhere in the world

Where is BVNK licensed?

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BVNK Group includes entities with licensing as a Financial Services Provider (Ref: 50495) in South Africa authorised and regulated by FSCA, Virtual Assets Service Provider number D698 in Spain authorised by Bank of Spain, and Electronic Money Institution, Registration no: 901057 in the UK authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority. Digital asset-related services are provided by System Pay Services Solutions Spain, S.L.U., a company registered in Spain (No. B-16987679).

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