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Send and receive digital assets.

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BVNK makes it easy for businesses to accept and send payments in digital assets, without making changes to treasury operations. All digital asset-related services are provided by System Pay Services Solutions Spain, S.L.U., a BVNK Group company and Virtual Assets Service Provider registered by the Bank of Spain.


Reach more customers.

Reduce fees and increase average order value, powered by distributed ledger technology.
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Accept BTC, receive fiat

We handle all processing on your behalf so you never interact with digital assets directly.

Settle payments

Settle payments in multi-currency wallets with their own unique IBANs to store and manage funds.

Create pay outs

Pay out in any digital currency to your partners, customers and affiliates.

Send invoices

Send invoices tied to a fiat amount to your customers using payment links.

How it works

Accept payments in minutes.

Integrate crypto payments directly into your checkout with BVNK.

Step 1

The customer chooses to pay with a digital currency at the checkout.

Step 2

The customer is presented with the exchange rate and given a public address for the merchant.

Step 3

The customer sends a payment request to the merchant’s public address, also paying the blockchain’s processing fee.

Step 4

The merchant receives fiat into their BVNK account, without having to touch digital currency in any way.
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“We are always looking to improve our customer experience. That is why we made the bold move to support digital currency payments using BVNK. We believe blockchain-enabled payments are part of a wider digital transformation of the hotel, hospitality, and travel industries and BVNK is our trusted partner in the space.”

- Gordon Oldham, CEO, Pavilions Group
Chief People Officer, BVNK

Built for growing businesses.

Dedicated IBANs

Dedicated IBANs and vIBANs to accept and send payments to suppliers, contractors and other third parties.

Fast fiat settlement

Convert to fiat immediately on settlement into the national currency of your choice, reducing volatility.

Developer friendly APIs

Choose from pre-built payment pages or use our SDKs for a tailored integration experience. Use payment links for no-code payments via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or other platforms.


Benefit from 99.9% platform uptime, API response time of 0.1 seconds, and proven technology processing over $4.5 billion in payments annually.

Rail and asset-agnostic

Choose the optimum currency for enhanced efficiency and customer experience, whether it's USDC, BTC, GBP or EURO.

Transact with confidence

Multilayered AML and transaction monitoring systems restrict illicit activity while robust custody gives you peace of mind.

Currencies supported

Extensive digital currency coverage.

USD Coin
Bitcoin Cash


These useful FAQs will help you on your way.

What is a cryptocurrency payments gateway?

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A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a payment processor for digital currencies that enables merchants to accept digital payments and receive fiat currency immediately in exchange. Gateways do the work of enabling the technology, creating the perfect customer payment experiences, maintaining regulatory know-how, exchanging cryptocurrency and managing a wallet, so merchants can focus on their customers.

How does BVNK keep digital assets safe?

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While your digital assets are in our custody, we provide protection through robust systems, processes and technology.

We take a multi-layered approach to keep digital assets safe. This includes separate record-keeping (we never mix different types of funds), storing exactly what you deposit without converting it, and using advanced security measures like multi-step verification, data encryption and ongoing risk monitoring.

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