Accelerate your global settlements.

Meet merchant demand for faster payments and optimise local settlement flows.

Settle merchants and partners in minutes.

Stablecoin payments powered by BVNK are borderless and settle in minutes, backed by rigorous compliance and dedicated support.
Settle in fiat up to 5X faster*
Speed up fiat settlements across borders with stablecoin on and off-ramp. Up to 5x faster compared to traditional systems like Swift.
Simplify cross-border flows
Settle merchants and partners in stablecoins in minutes, with predictable settlement and visibility over the entire payments flow.
*when comparing a fiat settlement from South Asia or Africa to Europe via Swift (2-5 days) vs same settlement via stablecoins with BVNK (T+0). Learn more. Please note: blockchains come with their own operational risks which may differ to traditional payment systems.
Customer stories
“The first time I saw the demo of BVNK’s platform, I was pleasantly surprised that stablecoin payments can be done in a much easier and more automated way.”
Anastasija Tenca
Chief Operations Officer, Noda
hours saved yearly
settled into USDT yearly with BVNK
saved in transaction fees yearly

Optimise your payments stack.

Create named vIBANs and wallets so you can send and receive payments between your entities, partners and customers.
Enable on and off-ramp
Move between fiat currencies and stablecoins so you can stay agile and meet customer demand.
Trade between currencies
Exchange currencies from crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto, fiat to fiat, and crypto to crypto.

Respond to demand for stablecoin payouts.

Satisfy your clients
Make stablecoin payouts on behalf of your clients so they can pay contractors or make more efficient cross-border payments.
Go to market fast
Rely on our payment APIs, global network of regulated entities and robust infrastructure. Access multiple stablecoins in one platform, and draw on our team’s digital asset expertise.
Track payments end-to-end
Easily oversee stablecoin payments from beginning to end. Track and report on payments more easily, with enhanced transparency from blockchain ledgers.
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We’re here to help.

Personalised onboarding support, dedicated account management for growth, expert API integration assistance, and support via multiple channels.

“As compared to other partners, the communication we get from BVNK is faster,” says Mugilan. “We’re also happy with the favourable rates we receive, which means we save on costs... BVNK is an important partner for us.”

Mugilan Kanaras
Senior Accounts Executive Operations Settlements at Deriv

"BVNK's payments platform is hugely useful to our day-to-day operations, giving us instant payments along with transparent pricing, smooth onboarding, and reliable reporting. The team's responsiveness has been invaluable for quick communication and support."

Livvie Kennard
Investor Relations Manager, Concentric Partners

“BVNK’s approach to dealing with their client’s needs has been absolutely amazing. They assist in solving real needs and address concerns on the fly.”

Francois Smuts
Managing Director at Evesis

“The communication from the BVNK team has been rapid and clear, from the support we received during onboarding and the regular calls to discuss pending issues, to the help we get with ongoing issues and requests.”

Anastasija Tenca
Chief Operations Officer, Noda

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