A global compliance-first partner.

Global licensing to support your growth
Multiple licences and regulatory approvals across the UK, Europe and Africa.
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Compliance-first to reduce your risk
1 / 4 of our team is dedicated to legal, risk and compliance and the function is represented at C-level.
Separated activities for legal clarity
Fiat and digital currency activities are legally separated, ensuring regulatory clarity.
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Our team has deep expertise in digital assets and regulatory frameworks.

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Tap into global intelligence.

Our screening and AML tools are used by regulators and law enforcement and connected to the global intelligence community.

Best-in-class systems, processes and technology guard customer assets.

We adhere to the most stringent regulatory requirements, which dictate our global standard.
Unified control framework
We apply global policies, quality standards and SLAs, based on the most stringent regulatory requirements.
Robust risk governance
We manage risk with a detailed governance and oversight framework, backed by Three Lines of Defence.
100% of e-money is safeguarded
Customer e-money funds are segregated and protected from insolvency in line with regulatory requirements.
Digital asset protection
Multi-factor authentication and encryption guard your account and payments, while responsible treasury practices mitigate risk.

Multi-layered KYC and AML systems are 
designed to catch financial crime risk.

We carry out continuous customer risk assessments and enhanced due diligence. Our payment screening is augmented with proprietary AI models, and our integrated architecture means our systems are continually learning.

Deploy your AML resources more effectively.

Track held payments and Requests For Information in realtime
Easily monitor RFI statuses in our case management portal. See if they're in progress, awaiting feedback, or closed.
Reduce email clutter and 
manage compliance matters more easily
Upload documents and receive real-time responses about held payments. Communicate with our compliance teams through the case portal.

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