Access always-on, global payouts.

Pay suppliers, customers or employees across the world in minutes with US dollar stablecoins. No need to hold crypto.

Pay out in minutes,
not days.

On-ramp and pay out
Use your fiat balance to pay out in stablecoins when you're ready – to businesses, individuals or your own entities. There’s no need to hold crypto.
Settle cross-border in minutes
Stablecoins give you access to round-the-clock payments and settlement in minutes for you and your customers worldwide.

Reduce transfer fees.

Access an alternative to traditional rails
Reduce fees by up to 10x when paying internationally in stablecoins. Eliminate intermediaries and associated costs.
Choose the optimal stablecoin
Access trusted blockchains and tokens including USDC, USDT, PYUSD, Tron, Etherum, Polygon in a single platform. Choose the optimal rail based on cost, speed and customer experience.

Watch our video on how to pay your suppliers in stablecoins.

Mitigate third party risk.

Reduce risk with a trusted partner
Our global licensing gives you access to fiat currencies and stablecoins. Our compliance controls mitigate risk, while our multilayered AML systems help fight financial crime.
Hold fiat in named virtual iBANS
Your e-money funds are segregated and protected from insolvency in line with regulatory requirements.

Stablecoin payout use cases.

For contractors
Give your contractors flexibility, faster payouts and increased stability with stablecoin payouts.
For fintechs
Launch the stablecoin products your customers want without having to build your own infrastructure.
For PSPs
Meet merchant demand for faster payments and optimise local settlement flows with stablecoins.
For trading platforms
Respond to demand from liquidity partners, brokers and tech partners for instant stablecoin settlements while reducing your exposure.
For gaming operators
Payout to customers globally in stablecoins, whilst maintaining no crypto exposure. Hold funds in fiat until you’re ready to pay out.

Save time managing payments.

Automate payments
Use our payouts API to make stablecoin payments at scale, while reducing your risk of manual error.
Manage payments in a single platform
Your teams can execute then reconcile payments in a single platform. Don’t lose time managing payments across multiple platforms.

What our customers say about BVNK.

“For the Fintechs that could support the stablecoin payments we needed, it wasn’t always easy to make the payments, requiring a lot of effort from our team. BVNK’s API and easy-to-use interface offered what we were looking for.”
Anastasija Tenca
Chief Operations Officer, Noda
“BVNK's global network, strength in regions like South East Asia and support for stablecoins like USDC aligns perfectly with our vision. Settlement is a very important thing for us and BVNK plays a crucial role in making sure that happens on time.”
Tiago Garbim
Senior Accounts Executive Operations Settlements at Deriv

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