Embedded payments

Expand your product offering.

BVNK embedded payments
Using BVNK's regulatory-wrapped solution, you can launch any of our payment products on your own platform, customised in your own brand.


Get to market fast.

We manage compliance, maintenance and ongoing upgrades, so you can focus on your customers. Significantly reduce risk and up-front investment required to build your own solution.
BVNK convert ui

On/off-ramp to crypto

Enable your customers to collect, convert, and send crypto payments worldwide without leaving your platform.

Receive and send GBP and EUR

Give your customers instant access to B2B payments across the UK and Europe.

Create safeguarded fiat wallets

100% of client funds received in exchange for e-money are segregated.

Exchange currencies

We support fiat to fiat, crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto, and crypto to crypto.

“We chose BVNK as our partner due to their expertise and product offering. Working with digital currencies is not easy, and it is paramount to select the best partner. BVNK helps us navigate the process and mitigate the risk.”

- Joaquin Lasa, Director at Livitpay
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Chief People Officer, BVNK

Powering innovation across the financial system.

Go to market fast

Significantly reduce time to market, and up-front investment required to build your own infrastructure.

Accept crypto and receive fiat

BVNK handles all crypto processing on your behalf so you never interact with crypto directly.


Benefit from 99.9% platform uptime, API response time of 0.1 seconds, and proven technology processing over $4.5 billion in payments annually.

Rail and asset-agnostic

Choose the optimum payment method for enhanced efficiency and customer experience, whether it's USDC, BTC, or USDC.

Boost revenue

Capitalise on emerging opportunities with minimal technical setup. Benefit from a 1.5% to 3% spread on most transactions.

Transact with confidence

Multilayered AML and transaction monitoring systems restrict illicit activity while robust custody gives you peace of mind.
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