Virtual accounts

Create e-money accounts in GBP and EUR.

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Using BVNK Virtual Accounts, businesses can create e-money accounts in GBP and EUR, and send and receive payments with SEPA, CHAPs, and Faster Payments.
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An easier way to pay and get paid.

Start receiving money straight away, and segregate funds to speed up reconciliation.

Pay suppliers

Seamlessly pay third parties in GBP and EUR across the UK and Europe.

Get paid in GBP and EUR

Set up dedicated accounts with sort codes for UK payments and IBANs for EU accounts.

Send invoices

Generate customer invoices simply using payment links.

Create unique vIBANs

Streamline reconciliation and never lose funds due to incorrect references.

Supercharge your payments.


Create named vIBANs, streamline reconciliation, never lose funds due to incorrect references.


Open e-money accounts in GBP and EUR with your own unique vIBANs for easy reconciliation.

B2B Payments

Pay suppliers and other third parties quickly and efficiently without constraining cashflow.


Simple, cost-effective, hassle-free payments between various entities.

“BVNK listens to our needs and their team brings years of experience to the table. Using BVNK, we're able to seamlessly send and receive payments around the world, often to jurisdictions with slow or inefficient banking facilities. BVNK understands our business, helps us to improve our productivity and supports our business growth.”

- Carrie-Ann Locke, Executive at Greenburg
Chief People Officer, BVNK

Bridging traditional and decentralised finance.

Quick set-up

Once onboarded, log into the BVNK portal, navigate to the Wallets page and accept the T&Cs. Start executing payments right away.

Simple reconciliation

Segregate funds to reduce manual work and make processing and reconciliation faster.

Transact with confidence

Multilayered AML and transaction monitoring systems restrict illicit activity while robust custody gives you peace of mind.


100% of client funds received in exchange for e-money are segregated to mitigate risk.
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These useful FAQs will help you on your way.

How are my funds protected?

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As a BVNK customer* your e-money funds are segregated (held separately) at all times from BVNK’s company funds or the company funds of our partners.

This means that your e-money funds are always protected in the unlikely event that BVNK or one of our e-money partners, becomes insolvent.

*BVNK operates as an Electronic Money Institution in the UK via its legal entity, System Pay Services Limited (company number 11621763, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution – Ref: 901057).

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How do I open an account?

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To start, sign up for a new account here. You will be asked to upload KYB documentation as part of the onboarding process. Your application will be sent to our compliance team for review. You will receive an email notification of your approval after 3–5 business days.

Contact us or check out our Help Center for more information.

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