Global settlement NETWORK

Settle funds globally in less than 24 hours.

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BVNK enables reliable, cost-effective settlement in less than 24 hours. We're strong in emerging markets where growing businesses are underserved.
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Use cases

Access new markets.

Expand your footprint and grow your revenue.

Pay suppliers

Send payouts to your vendors and service providers around the world.

Collect payments

Collect payments in emerging markets directly into your BVNK account.

Embed into your product

Launch cross-border, integrating payments into your platform with our intuitive API.

Convert between currencies

Exchange currencies through our support of fiat to fiat, crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto, and crypto to crypto.

Powering innovation across the financial system.


Fast liquidity movement in and out of emerging markets with no pre-funding requirements.

B2B Payments

Pay suppliers and other third parties quickly and efficiently without constraining cashflow.


Cost-effective, hassle-free payments between various entities.

“BVNK is able to facilitate international payments to the required markets at an affordable rate and in rapid time, with a footprint spanning West, Central, and Southern Africa - the regions most crucial for us. BVNK’s approach to dealing with their client’s needs has been absolutely amazing. They assist in solving real needs and address concerns on the fly.”

- Francois Smuts, Managing Director at Evesis
Chief People Officer, BVNK

Payments built to a higher standard.

Dedicated IBANs

Created named IBANs to accept and send payments to suppliers, contractors, and other third parties.


Our portal makes reporting, reconciliation, and automation simple for payment operation teams.


100% of customer e-money funds are segregated and protected from insolvency in line with regulatory requirements.

Global reach

61 countries supported across 25 fiat currencies and stablecoin settlements.

Currencies supported

Global reach, local expertise.

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These useful FAQs will help you on your way.

What is a Global Settlement Network?

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BVNK's Global Settlement Network enables merchants to settle funds across 61 different countries in under 24 hours and seamlessly trade between different currencies. We use distributed ledger technology to replace RTGS and SWIFT infrastructure, connecting local payment schemes around the world together.

How long do funds take to settle?

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Fiat currencies are settled in less than 24 hours while digital currencies can take up to four hours to settle.

Contact us or check out our Help Center for more information.

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