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Building BVNK: June product updates

Catch up with the latest BVNK product updates, including new payment features, security enhancements and tweaks that make the merchant portal even easier to use.

Mar 22, 2024
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Customise your account payment limits 

Set up account-level minimum and maximum payment limits for DLT Payments which override the product default limits. Use account payment limits to effectively manage transactions, for example if you want to avoid small payment amounts, encourage higher spending or set caps based on internal policies. To set up limits, get in touch with your Account Manager.

Manage whitelisted IP addresses

You can now manage whitelisted IP addresses associated with your API keys. This critical update gives you added control and enhanced security, for example when you're generating payments and withdrawals. Learn more

Manage beneficiaries with ease

Our new beneficiary management feature gives you more control over third party payments. Entering account details for each transaction can be tedious, with our beneficiary management feature you can now store bank account information in your merchant portal.

This feature, which is secured by role-based access control and two-factor authentication, minimises the risk of manual errors and unauthorised transactions. Learn more

New feature: beneficiary management

Export wallet statements

Access your detailed transaction history anytime, anywhere. Wallet statements make monitoring your account activity effortless, with simple PDF and CSV exports.

New feature: wallet statements

Design changes to the merchant portal

We've updated the design of the BVNK merchant portal with fresh new colours, icons and buttons, designed to help you navigate around more easily.

The new-look merchant portal

Late payment webhook

This new webhook triggers when funds are paid late by your customer on an expired or already completed DLT payment. Consuming this webhook means your system can automatically update, eliminating the need for manual input, saving you time, reducing human error and improving your customer’s experience. Learn more

Payouts API

Our newest Payouts API enables you to effortlessly initiate withdrawals, deposits and B2B payouts in EUR and GBP. Integrate the API in your platform and gain access to SEPA, CHAPS and Faster Payments schemes via a developer-friendly API. Check out the API documentation

At BVNK, we aim to keep improving our payments platform. To hear the latest from our product team, subscribe to our newsletter in the footer.


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