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Building BVNK: new product updates

Catch up with the latest updates to the BVNK platform, including enhanced payment details and multi-language support.

Vizma Bramane
Mar 22, 2024
min read

Payment details for deposits and withdrawals

Navigating your fiat transactions is now even easier. With our enhanced payment details in the merchant portal, you can now easily identify the source and destination of your fiat payments, deposits and withdrawals. 

New: Enhanced payment details for deposits
New: Enhanced payment details for withdrawals

Multilingual support for Hosted Payments Page

We understand the importance of talking your customers’ language, so we've introduced a language selector on our Hosted Payments Page. Your users can now seamlessly switch between English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Turkish, giving them a more tailored experience.

New: Multilingual support for Hosted Payments Page

Enhanced Hosted Payments Page

We've given our Hosted Payments Page a makeover, so it’s even easier to use:

  • Simpler design: a clean, intuitive interface that keeps customers engaged and reduces checkout abandonment.
  • Faster checkout: more integrations with popular cryptocurrency wallets to speed up payment and boost conversion.
  • Faster loading: we’ve optimised for performance with faster page load times.
  • Mobile-friendly: now fully optimised for mobile devices, customers using our Hosted Payments Page can transact effortlessly on-the-go.
New: Updated Hosted Payments Page

USDT protocol selector on Hosted Payments Page

Our new protocol selector on our Hosted Payments Page is designed to avoid protocol mismatches and minimise the risk of errors. The feature lets your users easily specify the protocol they want to use when paying with USDT, giving them more confidence in the transaction and reducing the risk of lost funds. 

New: USDT protocol selector for Hosted Payments Page

Webhooks for fiat deposits

Stay ahead with our new webhooks feature for fiat deposits. Receive real-time notifications and automate your workflows. Learn more

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