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Currency LDN 2024: Bridging the compliance gap

Amardeep Thandi, Director of Crypto Regulatory and Compliance at Chainalysis, and Luke Dufour, Head of Financial Crime Intelligence at BVNK, show how digital asset monitoring stacks up to fiat payments, and cover key principles for building a robust AML compliance programme.
As blockchains become integrated into payment systems, the need for robust and sophisticated monitoring tools has grown. So how can compliance teams manage money laundering risk associated with crypto payments? And how does this differ to fiat payments?
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Luke Dufour
Head of Financial Crime Intelligence
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In this video, you'll learn
  • An introduction to blockchain analytics
  • The Crypto Maturity Framework: a practical model for entering the crypto space
  • Due diligence for crypto: how to get comfortable working with crypto businesses
  • Tips for building your risk management frameworks
  • Transaction monitoring: how fiat and a crypto transactions stack up

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