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The stablecoin opportunity for fintechs (webinar)

Jane McEvoy talks to Freemarket's Global Head of Banking Nirav Parekh and CMS partner Charles Kerrigan about the stablecoin opportunity for fintechs.
Digital money is now mainstream. A majority of central banks are running digital currency and stablecoin projects, 1 in 2 Fortune 500 execs are working on blockchain payments projects and major payments companies like PayPal and Visa are investing heavily.
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Jane McEvoy
VP Platform Partnerships
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In this video, you'll learn
  • Key use cases of stablecoins for B2B fintechs.
  • How and why Freemarket is exploring stablecoin wallets for merchants.
  • Delivery options and our panellists' take on build vs partner.
  • How to think about regulation and compliance when building in this space.

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