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Currency LDN 2024: Upgrading payments infrastructure with stablecoins and CBCDs

Fintech leaders from Worldpay, PayPal Ventures, FIS and BVNK debated the opportunities, use cases and barriers of stablecoins for payments at Currency LDN 2024.
Rethinking global money movement creates new opportunities for fintechs. BVNK Co-founder Chris Harmse, spoke to three payments leaders at Currency LDN 2024, to get their take on the real world use cases for stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).
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Chris Harmse
Co-Founder & VP Revenue
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In this video, you'll learn
  • Worldpay's journey in crypto from card processing to stablecoin settlements and B2C payouts
  • How financial institutions, central banks and governments are thinking about stablecoins
  • Advice for fintechs looking to build with stablecoins

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