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Building BVNK: new product updates

The latest updates to the BVNK platform, including a new way to manage your held payments, enhanced search and crypto address whitelisting.

Vizma Bramane
Mar 22, 2024
min read

Track and manage your held payments easily with our new case management portal

The new case management portal simplifies how you manage and respond to information requests from BVNK, making it easier to resolve held payments and prevent unnecessary delays:

  • Access information requests (RFIs) relating to held payments in one place - complete with detailed status and correspondence.
  • Set up notifications so you’re up to date with any changes.
  • Respond and upload documents directly in the portal for faster issue resolution.

Product Manager Kartik Dabbiru gives you a tour of the new portal in this short demo:

Find transactions quickly with enhanced search

Easily search across different transaction types, including crypto and fiat payments, with our enhanced search in the BVNK merchant portal. Find different transactions quickly, including: crypto payments in and out, channel deposits, crypto deposits and withdrawals and fiat payments.

Search using specific details:

  • For crypto payments: customer reference, wallet address, transaction hash, transaction UUID
  • For fiat payments: bank account number, bank account code, bank account name
New: enhanced transaction search for fiat and crypto payments

Get detailed payment insights with side panels and statuses

Get detailed insights into your fiat transactions, including source and destination information. Access this feature through the Wallets page in the BVNK merchant portal.

  • Payment statuses: quickly understand the status of your fiat withdrawals and specific transaction types.
  • Transaction side panels: get a clearer view of your transaction details, making it easier to track and manage your funds.
New: transaction side panels in the BVNK merchant portal show source and destination information at a glance

Protect your payments with our new crypto address whitelisting

Our new whitelisting feature in the BVNK merchant portal boosts security in your account by only allowing verified crypto addresses. This ensures your crypto transactions reach the right place and minimises the risks of sending funds to unintended addresses.

With this feature, you can store and manage frequently used crypto addresses in one place, and avoid having to repeatedly verify destination addresses for regular users.

Learn more

Automate your fiat payouts with our Payouts API

Ensure your suppliers and partners are paid promptly. With BVNK Payouts API, you can:

  • pay out faster and on time to build trust with your suppliers and partners.
  • automate your payout workflow, cutting operational costs and time-consuming manual processes.‍
  • minimise the risk of error, improving payment success rates.‍
  • eliminate the need for multiple banking partnerships and integrations – integrate once with BVNK's Payouts API to access SEPA, CHAPS and Faster Payments.‍
  • execute payouts at scale: pay out more efficiently, processing high volumes of transactions at once.

Check out the API docs


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