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Layer1: a new era in stablecoin infrastructure

Layer1 helps you avoid the complexities of developing blockchain payment systems in-house, while giving you control over data and privacy.

Donald Jackson
Jun 27, 2024
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Today we announce the launch of our new product, Layer1: self-hosted, self-custody digital asset payments infrastructure for businesses.

Layer1 is designed to eliminate the complexities of developing in-house blockchain payment systems, by automating core features like the wallet creation, reconciliation, asset management and integrations with third-party providers.

It’s the culmination of five years of learnings we’ve gathered while building payments infrastructure across blockchain and traditional payment rails. The Layer1 represents the extensive work by our dedicated team of engineers and product managers at BVNK. We’re excited to finally share it with you.

Why Layer1?

At BVNK, our mission is to accelerate the global movement of money, using stablecoin as a core payment rail, and making it accessible to businesses worldwide. Stablecoins are creating a new base layer for global payments that is faster, more transparent and more accessible. 

Blockchain and digital assets are fundamental to our business, and as we grow, so must our technology. We identified a gap in the market for secure, self-custody digital asset solutions. Many of our customers needed robust solutions for managing their assets, and existing options fell short. Additionally, as BVNK continues to expand globally, we needed an infrastructure that could be deployed seamlessly across various jurisdictions. Layer1 was born out of these needs.

During  the past 5 years, we’ve worked with many third party providers and often found ourselves frustrated or let down. Building on the blockchain remains complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive. Data storage and accessibility by third parties are also growing concerns for businesses, with security breaches increasingly common.

The problem with digital asset payment infrastructure today

Since 2019, annual stablecoin settlements have grown by 18x to around $7tn in 2023. Stablecoin holders reached an all time high in April of almost 100 million, while total market cap has topped $160bn. Stablecoin usage is catching up with traditional payment methods like Paypal and Visa. Yet the infrastructure required to integrate stablecoins payments is lacking. 

Integrating digital wallets and managing blockchain transactions can be daunting. Businesses typically choose between two solutions: blockchain node providers or wallet-as-a-service providers. Blockchain node providers require significant management and maintenance, while wallet-as-a-service providers often come with privacy and control concerns.

These limitations hinder the growth of the digital asset economy and contradict the core principle of blockchain: accessibility for all. That’s why we built Layer1.

Our solution: Layer1

Layer1 is a self-hosted stablecoin payments infrastructure solution designed to eliminate these challenges. It ensures complete control and privacy by operating entirely within your environment. This drastically reduces time to market and provides a true abstraction over multiple blockchains, handling consolidation, digital asset management and integration with third party providers.

“Layer1 is the culmination of five years of learnings we’ve gathered while building payments infrastructure across blockchain and traditional payment rails.”
Donald Jackson
Co-founder and CTO, BVNK

Key features of Layer1

  1. Vault: Store and manage your own keys and own your data with a modular, standards-based, key management system, hosted within your infrastructure. 
  2. Digital asset management: seamless integration with a single API, facilitating access to your assets and managing your funds efficiently.
  3. Trading engine: plug in your providers and execute your multi-venue, multi-leg trade strategies for synthetic pairs.
  4. Transaction screening: automatically screen transactions by integrating your compliance provider credentials, enabling compliance without compromising data privacy.
  5. White-label user interface: user-friendly portal that is customised to your brand, simplifying the management of all activities.
  6. Seamless API Integrations: connect your key partners and exchanges, and access network of currency rails using fully configurable parameters, all within your own infrastructure. For example, Layer1 supports API integration with Talos, so businesses can connect to their different crypto exchanges and manage their end-to-end digital asset trading from Layer1.

Why choose Layer1?

Layer1 addresses the major pain points of existing digital asset solutions. It reduces time to market, offers true blockchain abstraction, privacy and control over your data, and seamless integration with existing systems. We believe Layer1 is a game-changer for businesses looking to launch blockchain-based payments without the complexities and infrastructure challenges.

Get early access

We're excited to offer early access to Layer1 and look forward to seeing how it transforms your operations. For more information or to request early access, please contact us at, or visit


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