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Easy B2B payments in EUR and GBP now available in 150+ countries

It’s even easier to pay and get paid with extended access and new features for BVNK Virtual Accounts.

Vizma Bramane
Mar 22, 2024
min read

We’ve expanded the coverage of BVNK Virtual Accounts from 30 to 150+ countries, so merchants around the world can access easy business payments in GBP and EUR.

The extended coverage means that our customers globally, can benefit from:

  • Named e-money accounts in EUR and GBP
  • Access to the main payment schemes in Europe and the UK, including Faster Payments, CHAPS, SEPA Transfer and SEPA Instant.
  • Multi-currency services and the ability to manage all currencies from one platform.

New: programmable payouts

As well as extended global access, we’ve added new functionality to our Virtual Accounts – programmable payouts.

With our new Payouts API, you can automate withdrawals and B2B payouts in EUR and GBP. Check out the API documentation here.

With BVNK Payouts API, you can:

  • pay out faster and on time to build trust with your suppliers and partners.
  • automate your payout workflow, cutting operational costs and time-consuming manual processes.
  • minimise the risk of error, improving payment success rates.
  • eliminate the need for multiple banking partnerships and integrations – integrate once with BVNK's Payouts API to access SEPA, CHAPS and Faster Payments.
  • execute payouts at scale: pay out more efficiently, processing high volumes of transactions at once.

New: tailored user roles and comprehensive reporting 

Virtual Account customers can also now benefit from updated user roles. We’ve refined the roles to create more distinct levels of access, helping to keep your account secure.

Plus, our enhanced reporting means you can now export PDF statements for individual wallets in your account. For those who prefer a more flexible format, these are also available in CSV, for easier reconciliation.

If you're as excited about these updates as we are, connect with our experts to learn more. 

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